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24th-Nov-2008 03:20 pm - Ceci est comment je balance
Nicole; Despair
Ooh la la!Collapse )

Have you ever seen anything so lovely?! It is just like a costume Nicole Kidman wore on Moulin Rouge! 

And Bean gave it to me! Simply for being his "perfect dancer".

I am unable to find the words! I thought life could get no better! Yesterday I thought I was on top of the world!

Bean had a seamstress alter it to fit my body, and it is magnifique! Perhaps one day I'll have pictures to show you!
I am so lucky!

Last night Bean was so pleased with how I had "healed" he asked met to have dinner with him, and we talked for hours! And about everything!

We had lamb...Bean always eats so well, I wish I could always have dinner with him!! I never thought something so mignon could taste so very good!


I told Bean I met Jacob and Jax the night before last, but I didn't tell him about Ynigma or that she was the real reason my face healed so quickly, I don't think he suspects anything!

Bean told me that tonight we are going out, perhaps I will wear my new corset! I hope he approves! I will look just like Satine, I will even put my hair into curls!!


I hope we are going to see his friends there, I will bet he wants to show me off to all of his less fortunate amis!

Bon revoir pour le moment! I will be sure to let you know how to tonight goes!

11th-Nov-2008 11:29 pm - Je suis...mignon!
"wtf?", Ewan

As if I was not cute before!

Ynigma has mended my wound! And I am just as beautiful as I was before!!

Bean was so very surprised! I could tell!!

The way he admired me this morning, it made my skin tighten. I am back to normal!!

Tonight, I will dance...Bean can not deny me this now that I no longer have a...maintenant, what did he call it?

Une rip in my face...

I know how I deserved the punishment, but the permanent scar it was going to leave surely would have left me...handicapped, non?

I had to make mon legume proud of me again, and a fresh new face will allow it!

Zut! Tonight will be amazing! I just know I will make Bean burst with his pride for me! And tonight, he will call me from my pedestal like he used to do, and take me in the back to explain just how proud he is of me!!

Je ne peux pas attendre!!

26th-Jan-2008 10:23 am - Viva Le Level
City of Love
Zut allors! My friend Jacob will be coming for me soon!!

Amazing! I am so excited!!! I will be meeting with Ynigma who will make me beautiful again! And HR will have to let me continue dancing! ♥♥

I can not wait, I am bursting! I have been exploring the world wide web, and I believe I may be getting the hang of it! ♥♥

I am so excited! I must wait though, as it is still not morning yet...HR is resting upstairs in bed, and I wish I was allowed up there with him.

But when I return, without this hideous scar across my face, he will of course fall in love with me all over again!! I can not think of the words to describe how I am feeling!!!

I am so desperate to waste the time away. I wish I had more to write about.

Only a few more hours until sunrise I believe...I found out how to download music!! And I have downloaded many new songs!! All of my old CD's seem so out of date now that I can hear the new stations from mon chez. I am in love with Dionysos. C'est en francais, I am learning how to code as well! I am killing so many birds with so many stones!

Tomorrow will be such a beautiful new day, I am going to explode with excitement if the sun does not rise quick!
10th-Jan-2008 05:31 pm - Le soupir
Nicole; Despair
HR locked me up for a while again. I think he may have caught me talking to Jacob at the other night club we were at at a few nights ago. I can not seem to remember the name.

He took away my computer and burned my favorite pair of shoes. He has never burned my shoes before...

I am not dancing in the club for a few weeks, my nose is...busted, so I am not any kind of "eye candy" anymore. I can not find Ynigma or this would all go away much faster. I just hope it does not scar.

I have been restless the past...four days I believe? He confined me to the top two floors of his building, where we live now! We just moved a few months ago because HR said our old location was not "Prime". I do wish we could have a real home, but he wants to remain close to his businesses. I can understand that!

Today he gave me my computer back, I think he may have forgotten why he took it away to begin with, but I am not complaining. Do any of you know where I  can find prettier icons? I do not like the ones I have now...

I would also like more friends! I am not sure how to find any...

^-^ I hope you all had an exciting week! Maybe you can come and visit me at Level soon? I hope so!

See you then!
2nd-Jan-2008 07:33 pm - Bonjour et Accueillir
Harelquin Masquerade
Je m'appel Arlequin!

Et bonjour!

Allo! My name is Arlequin and this is my livejournal!

I am new to this livejournal contraption, ^-^ but I think I shall do fine! As long as I can find a computer to log on to ^-^

I live with mon cher, HR, in the middle of a bustling city! I grew up in France, where HR found me and brought me back home with him!

I guess that's enough for now, HR needs me for the rest of the night ^-^

I'll try to update this as regularly as I can! I hope whoever is out there will be kind, my English is only so-so
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